I am a food lover and traveler that seeks food knowledge, culture, and history as I eat around the world. I am currently based in Bologna, Italy, which is reflective of my general approach to life so far: to instinctively find, travel to, and/or live in places around the world that are most representative of my current phase in life. This is the “re-alignment” phase.

I have a natural propensity to eat and enjoy food…a lot, for which I have been bestowed international recognition (by those closest to me) as “la gourmande” in Paris, “strong girl” in Taiwan, and my personal favorite, “the furnace” in the U.S. Growing up with both Taiwanese and American cultures exponentially increased my exposure to diverse ingredients, flavors, traditions, food and cultural fusion. As I began working in international development and sustainability fields, I learned more about the origins of food by studying agriculture, supply chains, and how it shapes cultures, economies, and health outcomes. With this blog, I hope to share my love for travel, food, and curiosity for food history, context, and knowledge.

“Eaters must understand that eating takes place inescapably in the world, that it is inescapably an agricultural act, and that how we eat determines, to a considerable extent, how the world is used.”  – Wendell Berry

Bologna, Italy

Current City: Bologna, Italy


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